5 Essential tips to help find the right builder for you

Choosing the right builder will directly influence not only the build quality of your home but also your enjoyment of the whole process. Building or renovating a home does not have to be stressful. Those who build and have a stressful experience usually have chosen the wrong builder.

If you choose a large project home builder, you may not have the same one-on-one attention and knowledge a custom builder can provide.

Here’s a few pointers that will help you decide what type of builder is right for you.

1. Personality – Can you work with them.

The builders personality and your working relationship with him or her is one of, if not the most important factors that will influence your overall home building experience.

Trust your instincts. You should feel a sense of trust and confidence in your builder.  Make sure you feel comfortable talking with them and asking questions. Do they make you feel stupid? Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question.

There will be many times you will need to ask questions, and its essential you do, so if your builder seems uncomfortable speaking openly with you, it may not be the right fit.

Bigger builders change the supervisor regularly and you may find this disconcerting, even frustrating. Think about whether your happy to deal with a middle man or the builder themselves.  

Choose a small builder that guarantees you a personal service if you want to remain involved in the build. For instance with Xenith Constructions, you will be dealing with the owner of the company and this can give complete reassurance. On the other hand, if you are content to sit back and let things happen developing a close relationship won’t be so much of a priority and choosing a builder for personal service is less important.

2. Check out the builder’s work

Take the time to look at what they have done. Every builder should be able to show you a wide selection of homes they’ve built. If they have good relationships with past customers, they will also be able to supply references and phone numbers of past clients for you to call.

3. Check out the builder’s reputation

You can also check with local Real Estate Agents. Many agents know the good builders as they are the ones that sell or re-sell their homes.

4. Ask for a copy of their contract

Reputable builders will be able to provide a copy of their standard contract for you to review. It’s a simple way of exploring their working credentials.

5. Ask about the Builders terms

How a builder works financially is important to understand. Get all the financial questions out upfront. Educate yourself on the differences between each type of contract – and which would work best for you. Ask the builder what type of fee structure they use:

  • A cost-plus contract
  • A fixed-price contract.
  • or another fee structure.

The only structure that is wrong is one that is not stated. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages – get to know the differences. Discuss it openly with your builder and then do your own research.