Looking for Green Option?

GreenSmart was established by HIA in 1999 to promote practical, affordable and durable environmental solutions for residential design and construction.

A GreenSmart house will:

  • Improve the water and energy efficiency of the home reducing costs
  • Create healthier homes for occupants
  • Provide options to make the home more adaptable for all stages of life
  • Reduce waste from the building process
  • Improve site management during construction.

The benefits of a GreenSmart house include lower energy and water bills, a warmer house in winter, a cooler house in summer, a healthier home for occupants and less waste going to landfill.

A GreenSmart Professional can make a difference! – an Accredited Professional can build you a more sustainable home by using environmentally responsible housing design ideas and products, helping to reduce green house gases and saving you money on heating and cooling costs. Is the builder you’re speaking with accredited?