Quality is about being available to you when you need to discuss your concerns.

To create and build your dream home is one of the most exciting and important decisions that you will make. It is a decision we respect, and a process that we carry out with knowledge, experience and passion.

You may already have a design but need a builder, or have a design in mind but need assistance in bringing it to life – either way we are here to assist you.


Initial contact and discussions

Meet with Chris on site to discuss your preliminary design and requirements

Design Stage

Meet on site with Chris and the Architect / Designer to discuss your vision and concepts. The levels of the site, orientation of the house and energy efficiency along with many other things will all be considered when designing your home.

Propose PLAN

Upon receiving proposed plans you can liaise with the Architect until you are completely satisfied with the design. An estimated quote can then be done to ensure it is within your budget. When you are completely satisfied, full working drawings are then drawn up, ready to be submitted to the engineers and certifier/council.

Formal quote

Once full working drawings are complete a fixed price and specifications are submitted to you.

Contract and specification

Meet with Chris once the price has been accepted to complete the HIA’s Standard Contract and Specifications.

Building approvals

Xenith Constructions will then submit the plans to a certifier who will then lodge all necessary building and plumbing approvals with the relevant Council. While we are waiting for council approval, you can meet with our interior designer to discuss colour and product selections.

Begin construction of your new home

Once we have received council approval, Chris will discuss with you the details associated with the construction. This will include time lines as to when product selection is to be finalised, ensuring the ordering of materials and booking in of relevant tradesman are done, so that the construction schedule runs as smoothly as possible. During construction Chris will be in contact with you at all times and is happy for you to discuss any selections or concerns you may have. The certifier/engineer we have engaged will certify all parts of the construction including the footings, slab, plumbing, frame and final stages.

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