Sliding glass doors for flexible living

One way to have the best of both worlds is by installing glass sliding walls which still allow for uninterrupted views when closed and have configurations to suit any arrangement, from the dining room to the home theatre.  Read More >


Floors with more

Here are some ways to make the most out of your flooring. If you have decided on a suitable material, colour and texture, consider running it through all the main rooms. The first thought is that this will look boring and unimaginative, but unless your home is vast with extensive, clearly defined areas, it will be easy on the eye and promote the ‘flow’ from one room to another.  Read More >


The Pool Debate

On the one hand rising temperatures mean they will have a longer ‘season’ in more temperate areas of Australia. On the other hand, water restrictions are making continued use of them increasingly problematic.  Read More >


Planning a kitchen for purpose and pleasure

If you are planning to get into gourmet cooking, experimenting with new and exotic meals for the family and throwing dinner parties, then you’ll want a highly functional kitchen with plenty of storage space and up-to-date appliances.  Read More >